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Image by Paul Siewert

Do you know what Professional Product means?

When the hair is at the proper pH level it prevents unwanted breakage, seals the hair cuticles, maintains moisture allowing natural oils and shine. The hair's pH balance lies between 3.6 to 5.5. Only products purchased by a salon professional can you achieve a pH balance of 5.5.

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Salon Brands Include:


"Vickie is the best hair stylist I have ever had. She has the ability to listen to her clients and give them the most beautiful hairstyles. No recommendation I could give could possibly be enough to describe her amazing skill and talent. If you have not used this awesome woman then you and your hair are missing your chance to shine!!!"

"I've been seeing Vickie for over 5 years now and she has done wonders with my hair! I'm of mixed heritage so I have tight curls with fine hair and lots of it. I used to get a relaxer done but it was seriously damaging my hair. Vickie convinced me to move to using a Japanese Straightener and I haven't looked back. What used to take me 3 hours is now a 20 minute process at most! Vickie really listened to me and was able to give me exactly what I so desperately wanted. A beautiful, HEALTHY head of hair that was easy to manage!!!!"

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